Plot. Draw. Label.

S5 Plot. A deed plotting app that stays out of your way. Plot deed descriptions, then enhance them by drawing roads, easements and waterways all in your web browser!

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  • Plot multiple parcels
  • Undo/Redo
  • Draw and label roads, waterways, or other features
  • Handles Curve Calls
  • Plot parcels in mixed units (feet, yards, meters, rods, perches, and chains)
  • Plot deeds in your web broswer! Windows/Mac/Linux/Chromebook - Google Chrome is all that is required!

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This gives you the opportunity to check out the plotting program on the web without buying it. It is recommended for the best experience to use Google Chrome for the trial.

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Need help getting started? These tutorials should help you get started plotting deeds in no time.

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Multiple Parcels.

It's important to plot many parcels to see how they fit together. S5 Plot makes it easy to plot, move, and scale to compare many different parcels on the same document. Color them different, apply patterns, and add transparency to make them stand out.

Curves made easy.

Curves can be a tricky thing when plotting deeds. S5 Plot makes it easier to plot curves. With the ability to type in your own chord angle, have it be tangent to the line before or after it, you will be mastering curves in no time. And the curves will look gorgeous, too.

Chrome App™

S5 Plot is a Chrome app. This means it will run on any operating system that supports Google Chrome's™ webstore. That could be your Mac, PC, or GNU/Linux box. It also means it acts like an app, not a website. With S5 Plot you can save and open files, just like you would in with any normal application on your computer. Files are saved as an SVG file which means you can share them with other people to view who don't have S5 Plot.

Draw and Label

With S5 Plot you can draw roads, streets and waterways and then label them! Label where relevant streets are on your plot and then draw them. With many different options for drawing, it is easy to draw roads, waterways and many more things. Drawings and labels will scale with you plot, too.

Move anything.

If you can see it you can move it. Often times the labels for calls will get jumbled up because they are so close together. With S5 Plot you can move these call, name, and area labels where you want to make your plot look the best it can look. Of course if you are hopelessly out numbered you can just hide them. Future release will support automatic numbering of calls in a table.


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For questions, bugs, or feature requests use the feedback button on the Chrome Webstore™.


S5 plot was created by Bill Covert. Bill works as a title searcher in his local county. After being disatisfied with the existing plotting progams for Mac, he set out to make his own cross platfrom plotting program to overcome some of the limitations of current programs on the market.